Youtube: report on apparent irregularities (suppressing/freezing videos etc.)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anonimo, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. anonimo Member

    Youtube: report on apparent irregularities (suppressing/freezing videos etc.)

    Two Anonymous videos with over 200,000 views within a few
    days won't be found by youtube users searching for "scientology"
    because they don't appear among the "relevant videos".

    There might be other things like that shall be discussed in this thread.

    Okay, some think Youtube might have frozen view counts of Scientology related videos in the past, others affirmed it was just happening to loads of youtube videos in general.

    This thread should serve the purpose of collecting evidence or indications that videos critical of Scientology are "suppressed" in any way by youtube... may it be obviously intentionally, may it be due to "their system".

    I want to ask you to give arguments or some kind of evidence and not just accuse youtube or put off the issue without reasons.

    Some of the things that I noticed so far:

    - two of the most viewed videos concerning Scientology and Anonymous DON'T APPEAR among the "most relevant" videos of the week.
    They would surely give Anonymous some more attention if they would appear properly (link).

    - One of them has become famous through digg and has currently 215,738 views. It shows the complete arrest of the Atlante anons. Another video concerning the arrest does appear - and in fact I like the actual content a little better because it has part of the speech - among the week's "most relevant" videos (21,296 views).
    But the other video would serve Anonymous a lot because of this IMPRESSIVE number of views. What might Youtube's reasons be for not including the video? Why don't they consider it relevant? They need to change their algorithm/preferences!!!

    - The second video has EVEN MORE views and I came across it just by coincidence (maybe I missed something?!). It is really funny and very nice publicity for and Anonymous (title: "College Basketball Game Gets Rick Roll'd")! It got 262,892 views in the last 4 days (was also pushed by digg)! And it doesn't figure neither in the the list of the week's nor the all time "most relevant" videos. Although both range between rank 25 and 30 of all videos containing the term "scientology" in terms of view counts.
    I find it outrages that this video doesn't get the attention it could get (although it has already be seen by lots of people). The new youtube surface and the new search function sucks and is having a negative impact on Anonymous communication and information possibilities (the pros and cons should be discussed in a SEPERATE thread, please, so that we stay on topic). There should be support of this petition. If we created a digg and all anons dug it, then we might start some public pressure on youtube.

    - If you want to see the most viewed videos of today, this week or all time there is no way then using the work-around that I found here (I did just that for the three search links). This is the only way to reliably know which videos where most popular on Youtube on one day, week or overall. I suggest we make this info known among anons to let them enjoy this useful tool as well!

    - I think you all noticed that video view counts are updated EXTREMELY SLOWLY lately. Some of them don't change in days. I tried keep this on record a little and took a lot of video screenshots of different times. This was lots of work and I did it only the first days extensively. I didn't analyze the hours of material still, because there is still too little indication that it will bring results in form of manipulation. It simply would take me too much time. I will report updates on this as soon as I review part of it and find anything strange. Until now I only imagine it could have been easy to do some manipulation if you wanted because so many videos view counts were frozen. If you noticed anything in the last days tell me and I can search the videos for it.

    - There might be quite a few more videos with high view counts that don't figure among the "most relevant" videos. We should keep track of this. Youtube and digg are the main tool that can promote our cause powerfully. If we can make these strange things public and make them not happen again, then we could increase our influence on the public to a good extend.

    Please add more of these or similar things in this thread, if you get to know or suspect something!

  2. fr33lanc3anon Member

    if you search scientology on youtube, guess whos ad shows up :D
  3. ladybug2 Member

    I loved the 2nd video!!!! Great job anons!! This was so amazing and you go the message out!
  4. Are you sure when those video's were uploaded, they added the scientology tag?

    I don't know how youtube works, but it wouldn't surprise me if 'related' relied solely on matching tags.
  5. anonimo Member

    i will try to contact the posters... maybe there is a way to shed light onto this...

    EDIT: Ok, I've got a first reply from the guy who put up called "Altanta Protest Arrests" that got 219,090 views in a matter of days. He told me that he had included the tag "scientology" right from the beginning. So this explanation is ruled out regarding the question why the hell youtube didn't show it when you looked for "most relevant videos" of the week.

    Here's the correspondence:

    I will get an answer from the other guy whose video got over 300,000 views in a matter of days (and didn't show up in the mentioned result list neitehr) very soon.

  6. anonimo Member

    Re: Youtube: report on apparent irregularities (suppressing/freezing videos etc.)

    Well, now I'm sure that this explanation can be ruled out (see underline):
    (In sent this guy who posted the Rickrolling of the Basketball team the same message as the other one)


    So, nobody comes up with an explanation??
    Maybe they manually chose the videos they THINK are relevant and good for their business (and the one of their associates?)...

    Note that there is a third upcoming video (already 46,190 views) that has the same issue:

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