YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

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  1. theLastAnon Member

    (OP Updated) YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    [size=-2]Note: this is long so it’s being broken into sections to avoid wall of text syndrome.[/size]

    MAJOR EDIT: There are some really long wall of text posts in this thread, but they are necessary. Please-if-you-give-a-damn-at-all about getting the message out better on youtube, read through them.

    AnonLover's post provides some epic advice and details for the youtube. AnonOutreach has important advice to camerafags at protests and raids among other good suggestions. annoymouse shows us another intersting idea. anonymousguyfalkes steps up, and nymph is not ready for commitment (are any of us, rly?)-- all in this thread (desperate plea to draw some attention here).

    ANYONE, with an ability to summarize my natural longwindedness and the details offered herein is welcomed to help with that. really. please. please. Developing these ideas into an easy-to-use/understand format is the next critical step.

    Also, the method described in the OP has indeed resulted in OVER 9000 F**kING VIEWS. this shit works. (END EDIT)

    This is a modified/updated version of an earlier thread. You can see the original thread here: All the good bits are here and they've been refined to include feedback received on enturb and YouTube.

    tl:dr - A method for dramatically increasing the exposure of our message to a much more diverse audience via YouTube has been successfully tested.

    The first posting of a Sea Arrrgh video has achieved 500 views (almost exclusively anon) since 6/9/08. The same video reposted on 6/11/08 using YouTube Tech is averaging 1000 views per day (from the general public) and will be over 9000 views by this time tomorrow (currently at 8,112 views).

    YouTube Tech presents an array of opportunities for our message to reach targeted audiences in large numbers. We will also need to use it cautiously and in an organized manner in order to avoid negative feedback and fallout.
  2. theLastAnon Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    YouTube Tech©

    YouTube Tech has the following steps:
    1. Identify a recently posted YouTube video (target video) that will go viral or at the very least get tens of thousands of views (more later on how to identify these vids).
    2. Post a video (message vid) to YouTube that exactly duplicates the tags used on the target video.
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    The bottom line is we are using the tags system to ride the popularity of other videos to reach a broader audience. Selecting videos appropriate to the interests and demographics can enable us to send a message designed to speak to/reach out to targeted audiences.

    You can learn more about duplicating tags (and a really great idea if you are on myspace) here:]Strategic Profits

    Next: The Test
  3. theLastAnon Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    The Test
    This video was posted on 6/9/08 to help inspire anon for the upcoming Sea Arrrgh:

    It has 500 views as of this posting.

    The Exact same video was reposted on 6/11/08. The “I’m Voting Republican” video had been posted earlier that day. I duplicated the tags exactly. YouTube - Bono Protests

    The message video was the second vid listed in under “related videos” for the target vid.
    pic from the first night

    This video has over 8,100 views as of this posting and will certainly be OVER 9000 by tomorrow.

    Next: Observations & Findings
  4. theLastAnon Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    Observations & Findings:

    1. In the earlier thread, it was suggested that duplication of very popular tags would be a possible method. This would not add the video to the “related videos” list in a position where it can be viewed instantly upon loading the page.

    2. An unintended-and important-consequence was the number of hits the message video got from sites that embedded the target video. Check out the statistics on the vid and you will see 1,600 hits came from I'm Voting Republican. Another 71 came from Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. Earlier it showed hits from DailyKOS. (more on this later too – there is some cool shit we can do with this)

    3. Another question in the earlier thread was if the same position on the related videos list on the embedded target video could be achieved by responding to the target video with the message video. That does not appear to work as the list of vids shown on the embedded player are only pulled from the actual related vids list not the responded vids.

    4. Selecting this target video was an accident in that I had no idea it would go viral. It did appear to be one that would get a lot of views. There are regular posters on YouTube whose videos achieve thousands if not tens of thousands of views who we can identify to reach targeted audiences. One very good one has already been identified.

    5. This has the potential to irritate if not alienate some people. AnonOutreach reminded me of Daud on YouTube who was duplicating Chanology tags. That was very irritating. Some may think this is manipulating the system. Good thinking. It is manipulating the system, but no real harm is done. We need to be selective in our use and frequency in applying the tech to avoid alienation and negative impact.

    6. When I originally posted the message vid, I only duplicated the tags; there was no description. After I added the description a day or 2 later did the message vid drop from the 2nd position on the related vids list. It’s now in 5th position.

    Next: Applying the Tech
  5. theLastAnon Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    Applying YouTube Tech

    The possibilities are endless. A few ideas to help get some discussion going:

    Go Small (reach smaller targeted audiences with a very specific message):

    1. Target videos can be selected in different YouTube categories to move the message video up on the list of most viewed in those categories thereby further exposing the message to more potential viewers.

    2. Specific target audiences can be identified by their individual interests and be targeted with a video especially made to reach them. Indeed, in all instances we must select or create (someone with much better skillz than I possess) videos that will educate/inform. The Sea Argggh vid I posted for the test was not properly selected to be effective in spreading the message.

    Go BIG (reach as many people as possible):

    1. Reverse Engineer: Identify videos target videos that are already embedded on very popular sights drawing lots of traffic. Design new video that would reach that audience. Apply YouTube Tech. Profit.

    2. Ride the Tube: Change the tags every 48 hours to associate with the latest, hottest video out there. Keep changing the tags. Keep accumulating more views from new people.

    Specific applications include Recruitment, Attendance/Participation at monthly raids, Spread a Specific Message (IRS tax exemption anyone?), etc., etc., etc.

    AnonOutreach suggested doing no more than 1 per week. I think we can do more than that if we are targeting different groups.

    There it is. A YouTube strategy that works.

    Now: discuss, criticize, suggest, identify and go, go, go!
  6. Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    Well, I'm doing the "what if scientology produced a true infomercial" to "pork and beans" because they stole our memes.

    I also did the same video to Serj Tankian's "Money", because it is on topic.

    YouTube - Serj Tankian - Money

    YouTube - Pork & Beans
  7. nymph Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    Youtube defintly has been an important front since the beginning. People don't really watch advertisements and i'm sure few people want to pay for them to place them. IRL fliers, cards, and such can only be handed out so many times to the same people. But with youtube you can often recycle old things into something new. You can also entertain yourself by making them.

    So what we need instead is propaganda that interests people. Look at the new weezer video pork and beans. It's saturated with youtube memes and popular faces and is a hit on youtube.

    I've noticed fewer videos outside mini raids and protests. Frankly the next protest interest isn't very appealing to me and not so much of it out there. Of the stuff out there little i find lulzy. Verses the original videos and the second protest interest in making funny and interesting videos is down. Maybe it could be that much of the information we have is common history or maybe it's cause we have become used to it. Who knows? The loosing interest in producing videos for the sake of propaganda and lawlz is hurting us in it's own way.

    Basically as I see it, the last thing we want fellow anons is asking "when is the next protest and what is it about"(yes i know that sticking to the second sat in a month is what has been decided).
  8. Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    the honeymoon is over, the newness is wearing off.

    so, like any good relationship, you need to sleep around to refresh your enthusiasm and pick up new ideas...

    then apply it to your one true love.

    wait, did I just say that outloud?

    (sry, been reading heinlein since elementary school)
  9. theLastAnon Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    Dude, look at the freaking hive mind at work. Kick ass. EDIT: I realize now that you just did that. Awesome. Let's watch those view counts and see what happens. (end edit) What's been the result of that for you? Are you seeing views hit off of that? The "infomercial" choice for your message vid is perfect. That thing is so informative and yet it rocks.

    also, thought this would help illustrate the point about the value of being on the "related videos list of " targets that are embdedd elsewhere:
  10. nymph Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    Honeymoon? but we're just had our 5th date! I'm not ready for this commitment.:hc:
  11. Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    5th date? First time for me. Ran screaming something about "you wanna put that WHERE?"
  12. AnonOutreach Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    Good job even if rather tl;dr

    • Tag EVERYTHING better YT'ers: Anonymous, scientology, religion, abuse, cult, criminal etc. Add what the vid is about in the tag eg: protest, picket OR law, tax etc.
      • Keep vids as SHORT as you can. Three minutes is pushing the average YT attention span. 2 minutes is better. Doyle was good because although text heavy--they were short!
      • Fun Infomercial style works well.
    • WE all love protest vids because we're seeing our buddies in action. However, it doesn't mean much to the general public. If you can add a bit of story to it or humour, DO it--keep it as relevant as you can, though.
    • Titles: I love all my fellow YT'ersl but a lot of the titles suck. Remember if someone is looking for a vid and it says "Anon Protest" potential viewers are going to yawn. However, if you describe in a few words something weird or funny that happened in the vid--then people are bound to jump on it. Eg: Dancers Barely Escape with their lives--Dodge Moving Bus [if it really happened]

    Also NonCam Anons:

    Help your CamAnons!

    I don't know how many great moments I've missed [or filmed so badly it couldn't be used] because someone didn't TELL me they were going to do something massive. :gah:

    If you're going to dance a hornpipe, climb a tree or whatever TELL the camAnons BEFORE you do it. CamAnons are looking for good footage. We honestly want to present ALL Anons in the best light possible. If it takes 30 seconds to get up and you only dance for a minute, we might miss your super jump over the top of the org!:hooray:

    If you see something developing, run over and get a camAnon.:listenup:

    Also, there's stuff I'd LOVE to pull off on cam but I can't do it without you. I'm sure other camAnons have great ideas in their heads too so maybe we can work together better?

    We can't do it without ALL of you. We depend on you so we can edit great footage:cake2:
  13. annoymouse Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    ... unless this is already started on enturb somewhere. Rather than have a thread that you post all your video on [youtube goes here], have a directory of youtube groups.
    That way you don't have to search youtube (and risk them burying, holding back a listing), but have our own mini youtube category list right here.
    For example, I started one: COS Parody / Humor / Remix / Shoop, since thats what I'm in too.
    As different anons create a group, add it to the list. Each group starter can mod his/her/it own group.
    Won't get new people watching the videos, but could help bump them up to favorites and rated in the subcategories on youtube.
    Just another angle, cocks, ect.
  14. Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    Okay, I made a mistake. When duplicating the tags, don't duplicate the name as well. They just watched that video, why would they watch it again. I was a dumbfag. I only got 25-30 views.

    Now, I've renamed them to "Make More Money Make More Money Make More Money"

    and we'll see how they do.

    Also, cocks.
  15. AnonLover Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    I totally agree with ALL of thelastanon's points, we definitely need better YouTube strategies <- plural... MOAR THAN ONE. we practically own y/t and yet most of us piss it's resources away in ways that just downright stupid. so stupid - we not only deserve the poor overall rankings, we beg for it.

    The strategy present in OP is absolutely fantastic and will make for vids that reach a larger YOUTUBE audience.

    However, as good as that is - no one strategy alone will makes us huge. In IRL I work with advanced Web Analytix everyday as a consultant. I help big .com companies that distribute top dollar content to gather stats, and analyze stats & make projections, and build stat reporting systems so they can leverage those stats to their advantage (not the user's advantage, not the consumer's advantage, the company's advantage)

    yes this is a wall of text - if you want your videos to spread, get over it and keep reading... this shit is critical to understand unless your videos are made with the intention that you really dont care if anybody other than yourself and your small little circle of anon friends see it.

    And i speak here from professional experience - i see very little good strategy on our part in alot of different ways. AnonOutreach has touched on the biggest ones that are currently cripling getting ALL of our messages out to a broader market....

    Here's a vid from MrFyde's channel that drives home key points relating to the AnonOutreach's key points - for most part, anon videos in general are totally assanine & down right stupid when it comes to good tags & titles. And that not only hurts your own vids, it hurts all the vids in the category with similar tags when it comes to y/t analyzing their stats.

    YouTube - Scientology OperationShadow

    A few other things to keep in mind as far as what YouTube's way of operating is going to care about...

    Category being of a huge significance in the bigger scheme of things IS A LIE. That's right - Category is a lie. It's only seriously used for two things at the surface level -> carving up advertising real estate, and a secondary means of surfing for visitors already on the youtube site that aren't looking for anything particular & just want to browse a general area.

    Notice when you do a regular search on youtube for specific terms - you'll get anything with those terms in the Tags, Title, or Description. And thats the order of precedence: Tags, Title, Description, TagsTagsTagsTagsTags.

    The thing that matters most too youtube is videos that reach BEYOND their website and pull in visitors from vid searches and feed republishers. For folks that are youtube junkies and spend lots of time there everyday - they pwn you and could give 2shits what you look at or how, how many subscribers a channel has, how many views a vid has, etc. ya know - all the stuff we as users & consumers think is in important.

    What does YouTube care about? REACH - how far on a average a category or genre of video reaches beyond their site. And that's drive mostly by Tags, Title, TagstagsTagsTags, Description, Tags & Moar Tags. Category outside of youtube is completely irrelevant. Onsite of youtube it somewhat matters, but in terms of how they prioritize categories for home page featuring & this is a good understanding of Web Analytix comes in.

    How To Make stuff go viral?
    • TagsTagsTagsTags - all of which should be descriptive, proper words (no scilon/anon slang), and put the video into context
    • Good meanigful titles that will make sense to non-anons
    • Descriptions that fully explain what it is your saying with your vid and REPEAT the most important parts of what the tags and titles say
    • Comprehensive Saturation

    What's Comprehensive Saturation? The secret sauce of going viral. To accomplish this successfully we need to achieve ALL of the following:
    1. NEAR TOTAL DOMINATION of a given Category that is most relative to our reason for being (Non Profits & Activism)
    2. Moderate to Strong showings in two or three other Categories
    3. Small to moderate showings in several more categories

    One of the easy sleazy ways to further Comprehensive Saturation is to cloak the really good shit in more than one category when it fits. So you see a really good informative vid in Activism category that can also fit into News, cloak that bitch on another channel asap. Another excellent way is to follow OP's advice, and to get small pockets of people dedicated to doing videos specifically geared towards being popular in the categories where we dont have a strong showing.

    One last braindump lump of knowledge worth knowing before i get down off my soapbox.. YouTube will start prioritizing categories where are stuff is strongest based on how good the categories REACH is outside of YouTube. And if your tags fail to mention the important stuff, titles only make sense to other anons, and your description has half of line that doesnt say anything -your viideo aint going to go nowhere AND your going to drag down the overall offsite REACH stats of everything else in the category that is done riight.

    If your wondering if your doing a good job on your Tags, Titles, and description for regular anon videos (not stuff following OP strategy)... we recently got a fantastic feed driven site that shows exactly what is making it beyond the confines of youtube: Visual Museum of Anonymous

    The day after you post your regular anon video - if it's not showing up in VM of Anon site - you have no reach and your tags/titles/descriptions SUCKS. And if your in the activism category where we should totally dominate, well then your state of sucking is dragging down the everything else in the category as well.

    So my suggestions for better YouTube Tech that will get us massive improvement both onsite at youtube and offsite (where it matters most as far as y/t is concerned) are in this priority order:
    1. Every Anon should go edit their videos ASAP and make sure you got good descriptive tags, good titles, and useful descriptions.
    2. Get the most talented folks to come read this thread and do what OP says
    3. non camera fags that want to help - start cloaking the really good shit int a different category OR with better tags & titles if the original ones FAIL to describe the content

    #1 Mistake i see constantly going on in anon vids that hurts us bigtime.... the tags on local raid & protest footage fail to mention where (location-wise) the hell it was filmed. If that vid reaches beyond youtube, it wil not be attached to your channel so the outside world will have no clue what their looking at, and the people who take a flyer and want to find out more about anon to possibly join your local cell wont be able to find your vids either. Noting the Location of where that footage comes from is crucial for good REACH, thus it should be in two places: Tags, as well as either the title or description. The more often its mentioned the higher it will be ranked in terms of 'relevance' in a search result.

    #2 Mistake - anon/scilon slang. See MrFyde video above. If your video has things such as Scilon, Scifag, CO$, Caek, om nom, and even Anon in the Tags & Titles... each instance of those slang words puts a big gigantic "THIS VIDEO TOTALLY SUCKS" stamp on it for anybody other than other anons & subscribers who found your channel already that are looking for something you have to offer.
  16. theLastAnon Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    ok. there have been some excellent ideas posted here; this discussion is great. could we somehow summarize this into a more user friendly format to provide to the hive?

    it looks like we need to:
    1. get a message out the masses about tagging and its importance generally (and titles)

    2. develop a youtube tech guide to provide to those anons posting vids

    3. also provide it to other anons to assist with cloaking, commenting, etc if we can recruit some to the effort

    4. develop a target list of videos to use/create/targets to reach

    5. ???

    6. profit (?)

    other thoughts? what's missing? what's wrong?
  17. AnonLover Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    that list of actions items looks great tLA.

    for #2 on there, it be really cool if one of the vidwizards thats already good at or knows most of these pointers well, we're to put together a "you-tube tech" video since there's more & more camera fags on y/t telling me they cant keep up with the vast amt of info on enturb these days, and dont get over here all that much now that their local cell has a decentralized site.

    so in additional the pursueing the new stealth video message strategies, one or two more anon-helping-anon vids in the similar vein to the MrFyde clip i posted above would really help the masses adopt better practices.
  18. WBMBacker Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    THIS please.

    I think the tech explained here was used on one of my dieos, and in 3 days it went from over 300 views to now at 4,651 views. This is definitley something I'd like to participate in. A small, printable tech guide would serve us well. (Personal note: You guys are just too damn good at this shit!!)

    Off to retag and re-edit descriptions. ;]
  19. theLastAnon Member

    Re: YouTube Tech (it works! Over 9000 views (literally)!

    WBMBacker - excellent news on your vid. Excellent. I'm glad this is working.

    Thanks to all who've contributed here (and please contribute more)...

    I've been in the bunker working a new vid for the past few days (bit off more than i can chew i think...), but it should be posted later tonight. Once that's done, I'll turn my focus back to this and start working to get some things done with it organizationally.

    If anyone wants to try their hand at a how-to video, please do. There's also another anon vid maker (who isn't on enturb that often) that i'll reach out to for this...he does good stuff conveying complex information (can you guess who it is?)

    later folks. (also, i missed all the enturb drama over the past few days...anyone want to fill me in? pm).

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