Youtube Wars

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Toad, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Toad Member

    Youtube Wars

    Normally I wouldn't suggest this and let the internet food chain run it's course, but this is serious. Perhaps it is time we work together to not only watch for these sort of things but to act on it. The raid plan is simple, flag any videos containing the name and location of persons involved with the protest. We need to not only fight for those the CoS has gotten to, but defend the ones they're attacking now. I flagged them all, and rated them 1 star. There were 7, now there are 6.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Voice Member

    What's the best way to flag these? I know that lots of consistent flags are more likely to get attention.
  3. mikeludkip Member

    yeah can we get some of the hundreds of people online right now to so some quick flags?
  4. Stoopkid Member

    Flag them as bullying, and report profile image violation.
  5. LRonAnon Member

    dont rate them, dont comment, just flag
  6. flavershim Member

    Done and done.
  7. Anon "Leader" Member

    flagged and tagged.

    Should we be recording these videos to use against Scientology to show usage of their fair game policy? Screenshots, perhaps?
  8. anolini Member

    use the desktop version of this online converter to save the videos before you flag them.
  9. Toad Member

    Great :D

    I flagged as "infringing privacy" but hey. Apparently these crop up a lot, but if we can keep on flagging and fighting them before they get rooted in we MAY be able to turn the tide of the Youtube front once again.

    Thanks, /b/rothas.
  10. anonym0us Member

    Account from link is already suspended xD
    What's happening exactly? What should I look for?
  11. anony428 Member

    user account suspended.
  12. another anon Member

  13. legionarewe Member

    Holy shit that could be seriously damaging. Flagged.

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