YouTube: XENUTV suspended.. again.

Discussion in 'Youtube and Vimeo Problems' started by XenuIsMyBitch, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Re: YouTube: XENUTV suspended.. again.

    And until the people behind it pay for their shenanigans.
  2. Walker Member

    Re: YouTube: XENUTV suspended.. again.

    Bow down to Scientology, you n00bz!!! And here's a thought! Stop taking yourselves so seriously!!! Mark will get his account back. Walk the walk, dont overtalk the talk!!!
  3. Lorelei Member

    Re: YouTube: XENUTV suspended.. again.

    Yes, American Rights Counsel LLC is the entity that filed a copyright claim against my video, as mentioned in the main YouTube video sharing thread.

    And yes, my video was about OTIII / Xenu.

    See here: - file sharing - download movie file Xenu.wmv

    (This is the WMV file originally uploaded to YouTube.)

    You have my permission to re-upload it AS IS (please) to other video hosting sites, if you feel so inclined or motivated. (Unedited? That way I take the heat if another copyright bitching occurs, because my Anony-name is in the "CREDITS" section. Or, you can cut and paste or crop stills or audio out of the video and make something brand new, if you want, and just remove my name and comments from it.) Apparently this video annoys Scientologists, so if you like annoying the annoying people right back, go for it.

    How do I challenge this? To file a counter-claim, I have to "namefag" myself. Is there a "this is harassment and a false claim of copyright ownerwship" category anywhere that I am overlooking? This is BS.

    ETA: I have looked for SEVERAL HOURS for a simple contact email that will go to a human being at YT who can respond to my gripe. If anyone has successfully communicated with an individual at YT, or has any advice on how to explain the "no, I don't want to namefag myself because someone flagged a Fair Use video as a copyright infringement in order to harass and annoy" situation, please respond in this thread, if appropriate, or to me in a PM.

    Could YT be any more unhelpful, unresponsive, unwilling to respond to legitimate concerns and complaints, and bassackwards? Seriously.

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