YT - Ask the Mayoral Candidates A Question

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anne Ominous, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Anne Ominous Member

    YT - Ask the Mayoral Candidates A Question

    Hai guise

    I'm seeing plenty of adverts on youtube (along with some weird shit telling me to 'get the facts') for people to submit video questions for the mayoral candidates to answer.

    YouTube - londonmayor08's Channel

    The selection procedure appears two-fold.
    1) Volume of questions on a topic.
    2) Rating of those questions.

    If we were to submit several videos questioning the candidates stance on the cult (and use the word 'cult'!), and whether they would take a hard line on it/whether they would move to investigate their practices/whether they might move to curb their growth, and then rate them highly enough to be included, interesting win could be generated.

    Concern: YT seems to be anti-free speech/Anon these days, and might cut us out altogether. What does Anon think?

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