YT Ask the Prime Minister... about Scientology!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anonymoose, May 19, 2008.

  1. teh_platypus Member

    Re: YT Ask the Prime Minister... about Scientology!

    I will do a video if you guys want me to, but it will be masked and with a fake voice (I know you have decided largley agianst this) it's just at the last protest we ended up speaking to one of the $cientologists and i would rather not have them recognise my voice.

    But i will if you want me to.
  2. Plups Member

    Re: YT Ask the Prime Minister... about Scientology!

    Would ENG do it? FTW.
  3. anonymoose Member

    Re: YT Ask the Prime Minister... about Scientology!

    Anonyunderpants has offered to do it, unmasked. We need to decide on a question. Anonyunderpants suggested one, which I will dig out and put here in a mo.

    Anonymoose delivers:

    Comments/suggestions/alternative questions welcome.
  4. Silent Member

    Re: YT Ask the Prime Minister... about Scientology!

    Just a bit of advice:
    When deciding upon a question, please think not only of how good the question is, but also think of how good an answer Gordon Brown, in the position he is in, is able to give, based on said question.

    If the premises of the question contain things which he will not be able to accept, then he will have to give a dodgy answer, which will suck big time.

    It must, in other words, be a question which he, due to the well-chosen premises of the question, will only be able to answer in a satisfying manner.

    "Why is it that an organisation that is so blatantly against freedom of speech allowed to operate unhindered and indeed with VAT free benefits when several EU nations including France, Germany, Belgium and Spain class it as a cult?"

    In this question, by answering it, he will indirectly have to agree to Scientology being "blatantly against freedom of speech", which I believe he will be reluctant to do.
    He will also have to answer a specific tax-question, which he will probably have to pass along to someone else. Also, he will claim not to know what the other countries are doing.

    I have no specific knowledge of how the cult's status is in the UK, so I will not be the best to formulate the question, but something that could be considered could be something along the lines of

    "What are you currently doing to inform/legislate against organizations such as Scientology."

    I know this question will not suffice, but it will give him some room to answer, but perhaps too much room.

    Also: Dress Stu/The Enturbulater from Plymouth up nicely and make him ask the question! He is well formulated, and already both british and face-fagged.
  5. Anon314 Member

    Re: YT Ask the Prime Minister... about Scientology!

    Might it be an idea to reference the recent law concerning consumer protection in some way as an angle concerning Scientology's business practices? That way they get to promote themselves as protecting consumers (which means they're more likely to answer) and answer a question regarding what they consider Scientology to be (eg. business)?
  6. Anonnumition Member

    Re: YT Ask the Prime Minister... about Scientology!

    Possibly carrying on from the above post- it might be worth mentioning how they peddle Dianetics on the streets with absolutely no mention of Scientology, let alone the "Church", occasionally outright lying.

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