Yvonne Schick

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Zigma, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Re: Yvonne Schick

    Damn, looks like she had a lil ARC break trying to respond to your questions.
  2. 423 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Yvonne Adams Schaefer Schick. 2nd marriage at 26 yr to Kenneth Wayne Schick in Harris County, TX (ex-husband Frank Duane Schaefer)
    Moved to Panama City, Fl and Belleair, FL (just south of Clearwater, FL) (Real Estate Management) returned to La Porte, TX.

    She is a pretty piss poor debator. She thinks that she can debate before Congress.

    Great job Zigma--have you been contacted by Co$ yet? I am sure this will be written in her weekly reports to get to OT7.

    Her husband owns 3 large tract of agriculture of land in La Porte, TX (near houston) that greatly increased in value from 2006 to 2007. Got rezone but still classed as agriculture.

    I'll drive past it after the hurricane and see what is so special about it.

    11711 West Main ST. (Spencer hwy), La Porte, TX 77571
    HCAD Details Sheet
    HCAD Details Sheet
    HCAD Details Sheet
  3. Zigma Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    423 I have not been contacted by Co$ yet but a org is opening up where I live soon! :ffs: so hopefuly I will find out what they think of me.
  4. Anne Ominous Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Meh, if she isn't a big cheese then leave her alone. Bringing up the $cilon connection will just draw attention to her - better to just let the election run its course without her being anything more than a decoration.
  5. Zigma Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Anne what if she does become elected, Scientology has thrown many online polls before and phone in votes. What to stop them from getting other $cis to vote for her?
  6. Mousey Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    No. If she can get into a serious debate with actual candidates, so can anon

    you are denying us of our own potential "DON'T TAZE ME MAN" moment
  7. Re: Yvonne Schick

    She lives in Spicewood.

    Time to flyer the neighborhood, I think.
  8. Concerto Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    If she's a scilon, don't relent. With all that is going on, we definitely don't need scilons in government.

    Although, with the financial crisis going on at the moment, if there's a rich anon around, buy 'em out, posthaste, through a proxy of course.
  9. moxie Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Buy out a rich anon through a proxy???????
    WTF is this cryptic suggestion supposed to mean?
  10. moarxenu Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    This is a great opportunity. Would somebody here who is knowlegable please draft an email here so we can revise and send. I think it should include:

    1. All info here about her Sci with explanations or sci jargon
    2. The security risk info Larry Brennan has so excellently supplied. I would luv to see the sec check questions they have cooked up for her.

    A good email draft here will swiftly move this project into action.

    I think we get the best leverage by presenting this as non-partisan opposition research we are supplying for voter education, public service, and great justice. It should go to the Reps and Dems first and the Libertarians, then get put into wide circulation in the form of a press release.
  11. me57 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    definately flyer the entire City it is important to keep scientologists out of Government People need to be informes that scientology is a totalitarian cult
  12. mrfyde Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    I saw that she is a libratarian in texas I doubt that she will be elected.

    HOWEVER I think it is a great chance to let both the Rep and Dem canidates know about Scientology and the programs that they try to slide past behind closed doors.

    Things like Narc/Crim-onon And the drug company stuff.

    It would also be important to have a shor clear guildline of what scientology is. So many people think it is a religion.

    (according to the poll I saw today 2-15% .But maybe 10%(?) understand that cults are dangerous most people just think they are crazy people)

    Okay never mind there is NO reason to worry. there is NO CHANCE in hell she is going to win I thought she might be in a state sen. race she is going up against John Cornyn (Jr. Sen. with 47% AND challenger is a Dem with 43% she shares the remaining 10% with like three people and it looks like she is in last place. She also ran with something like 1.1% of the vote in 2006)

    She is what they call in Texas "A NUT".
  13. 423 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    To date:

    She has raised $3,000, campaign funds

    John Coryn (R)($15,000,000), campaign funds
  14. Smurf Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Maybe, after the campaign, Mr. Coryn can hire her as a maid. She'll be looking for a job.
  15. NailsPDX Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    She's done the L10 Rundowns. Part of the L10s is the "TR-L".

    This TR helps you tell a lie with a straight face. Maybe you guys should ask her about it?
  16. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Haven't they done this already? :roll:
  17. Smurf Member

  18. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Info from a YT user:


    Libertarian Party of Texas US Senate candidate Yvonne Schick will be included in a televised debate with John Cornyn and Rick Noriega on Thursday Oct 9 in Houston. You are encouraged to contact your local public television station to request they broadcast this debate.

    Will any Texas Anons be watching this? I wonder how much sci speak she ends up using.
  19. xenudu Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Drop dox for Cornyn & Noriega campaigns re: Schticks's OTVI bugfuck crazy. See if they mention it in debate for great lulz.
  20. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Cross posting from scientology-exposed:

    AnonymousHouston posted:
    Follow up email to Sean:
    No response as yet, but then being from the UK I can safely be ignored.
  21. aNONanon Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    I would be VERY careful with this ... no person likes being contacted for the purpose of discrediting others, true or not it doesn't matter much, you can't force your opinion on anybody ... it's likely you'll achieve exact opposite and people will stand to her defense on principle. As many anonymous are compelled to stand to defend psychiatry only because COS is opposing it for wrong reasons ... that doesn't mean psychiatry hasn't its problems but some anons feel the need to defend it only because it's under attack. If you have to write something, focus on how scientology has been shown to have political goals and that's why you care, it can't be let "behind the doors" of office because not supporting scientology at office would be suppressive act for church and she could be sanctioned for it (sec checks, additional auditing, declaration of SP) if she should support law not in favor of COS.
  22. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    I agree it is always tricky in these situations and it is possible to elicit the opposite response to the desired response, which is what it looks like happened here judging by the original response from Sean someone else received. It was hoped to regain some ground by saying it wasn't Yvonne or her beliefs that were an issue it was the group she was associated with; judging from the earlier response no more ground could really be lost as the "attacks" were already perceived as bigoted.

    Perhaps the best way to address scilon infiltration is generally, rather than harpooning specific targets. Make all the authorities more aware of the way the organisation encourages its members to infiltrate in to any position of influence and to always be a scientologist first. There is plenty of evidence of this, mainly because it is true.
  23. Re: Yvonne Schick

    Texas debates are confirmed for brawl. The senatorial debates will air on PBS, Thursday, October 9th, at 8:00PM CST. Yvonne will be participating.
  24. me57 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    thanks for the info did not know and can not wait
  25. Re: Yvonne Schick

    I recorded the debate with yvonn. it will be up on vimeo.
    Ling coming soon!
  26. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Thanks AnonymousHouston - I got home late and missed it. Can't wait to see the video. How'd she do?
  27. Re: Yvonne Schick

    The Houston PBS guy asked her directly if she supported government funding for psychiatric aid for mental health issues, and he pointed out that her group, the CoS, did not support psychiatry. And she completely blew off the question. She would not acknowledge her affiliation with the cult.
  28. 423 Member

  29. me57 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    i can not open videos on My comp how may i get the transcript
  30. me57 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    oh i think i am in love with PBS Guy just kidding however five stars for Him pointing her cult's stand on the Psychiatry issue what is the Reporters name maybe i will send Him a card of appreciation.
  31. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Yvonne Schick

    Thanks AnonymousHouston for uploading the video of Yvonne "Boom Boom Boom" Schick. Hahaha when they asked her about shootings in schools I thought she was gonna say Anonymous did it! LOL

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