Zero Tolerance Against Hatred.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anontitle, Apr 14, 2011.

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    And Anontitle - don't click on any official $cientology websites - the younger you are the easier it is for them to scare you with black cars and phone calls.
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  3. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Citizens Commission for Human Rights. A Scientology Front Group.

    Shit... was beat to it. Sucks cawks and all...


    If you want to visit a Scientology site, use a proxy (condom). Read my poem on my deal...
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  4. Anonymous Member

    That isn't what I was implying at all. I was implying that I don't believe a word of your story unless you can prove it, because it's the internet - that's the rules.

    Trust nobody here, because nobody will trust you. Don't take it personally. That's how it works.

    If you really are a kid who had a friend end his life because of bullying - then you have my pity.
    And if you are a $cientologist - you have my pity too.
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  5. PresidentShaw Member

    Fine example of the overly paranoid posters that lurk around here ^

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  6. Anontitle Member

    Well said. :]
  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. PresidentShaw Member

    btw I fucking love deadmau5
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  9. Anonymous Member

    What can a school community do about bullying?

    Preventing and responding to school bullying is the responsibility of every school administrator, teacher, school staff member, student, and parent. The entire school community must recognize the responsibility to create a climate in which bullying is not tolerated. A comprehensive program, founded by Swedish researcher Dan Olweus and believed to be highly effective in reducing bullying and other antisocial behavior among students in primary and junior high schools calls for interventions at different levels. The levels are as follows:
    Schoolwide interventions

    Strategies include implementing a schoolwide antibullying policy, a survey of bullying problems at each school, increased supervision, schoolwide assemblies, and teacher in-service training to raise the awareness of children and school staff regarding bullying.
    Classroom interventions

    Strategies include establishing classroom rules against bullying, holding regular class meetings to discuss bullying at school, and scheduling meetings with all parents.
    Individual interventions

    This strategy consists of having individual discussions with each student identified as either a bully or a target. Other practices for schools are as follows:
    • Take immediate action when bullying is observed.
    • Respond in a timely manner to all reports of bullying.
    • Provide protection for students who are bullied.
    • Establish support programs and resources for both the target and bully.
    • Develop policies that define bullying and provide appropriate responses to the problem.
    • Apply school rules, policies, and sanctions fairly and consistently.
    • Establish an effective system for reporting bullying, including adults who can be relied on to respond responsibly and sensitively.
    • Teach parents to understand bullying and the consequences.
    • Partner with law enforcement and mental health agencies to identify and address cases of serious bullying.
    • Promote the norm for a bully-free school throughout the entire school community.
    • Engage students to help promote the norm of a bully-free school.
    • California Education Code Section 48900(r) allows for the suspension or recommended expulsion of a student engaged in an act of bullying.
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  11. Anontitle Member

    Same here haha. My producer role model :D
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  13. Optimisticate Member


    To anontitle: Keep on keeping on. (Edit: And look into whether or not Applied Scholastics has infiltrated your state.)

    To everyone thinking it's a tarp!: I'm not seeing a PA request here. They want to mask up. I can see where they might want to protect themselves from bullying. There is rage from the needless death of a friend (I know this feeling * 7) and the need/want/desire to do something about it.

    Some discussion and pointers are good. The bullying really isn't but that's your choice and not mine.

    (I think that) Future anons should be encouraged and educated. Raids have seen mini-masks before.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Hey Anontitle...I too lost a friend to suicide when I was 17....I truly hope that you seek some professional help....dealing with suicide of someone close to you can be a really hard!!! I have much empathy for you and a lot of admiration for your desire to do something about bullying. I agree with other posters, most bullies are very insecure and have or are suffering bully problems of their own. Good Luck to you and your friends in your plight!! I do suggest that you search out groups that already exist in your community that deal with these issues...they will be a great source of information!! No one (here or anywhere else) have the right to tell you what you can or can not do to bring attention to your cause!! (as long as your protesting legally of course)
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  15. VPV Member

    Anyone here who has provided unconstructive posts is not helping the issue, well done for having your own opinion and mind but for the most part it's not what is needed. Telling people who want to fight for a cause to "Fuck Off" is not what Anon is about, and comes under the same banner that develops bad press, like the attacks made against Sony reps that just served to create anymosity towards Anon. This is a personally driven cause that can be brought to the attention of the local media groups, write a story about the situation, produce a flyer to drop door to door about the issue and have a meeting to find out what the local people think. Gather support this way. Disregard the people here who have provided abuse as these people are most likely the same people who give Anon a bad reputation, look at the way protests are driven and how to arrange them. It will take time but you have the power to make a difference. Good luck
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  16. Anonymous Member

    And a lovely poem it is...
  17. over9000OT Member

    VPV you too, should be a lurk moar.

    OP, sorry about your friend. Do you really want to protest bullying? Harden the fuck up. Most bullies can't stand it when you fight back.

    I was a skinny little nerd when I was in middle school. I got beat up one time too many and resolved to never let that happen again. I'm sorry your friend took that way out, I am. Standing around wearing our herp derp masks is not the best thing you can do though... the best thing you can do is not be a victim. Life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short. More so if you can't stand up for yourself.

    You've got lots of options to combat bullying, I'm just not sure that Anonymous is going to make it happen for you. Still, best of luck and post lulzy pictures if anything funny happens.
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  18. puppet.jpg



    It's His/Your Issue, not the Issue of Anonymous.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Hate. Hate crimes. Lets protest against hate crimes. What are your crimes!?
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  20. Loki's spawn Member

    I support your dislike of bullying, but realistically, protesting bullying isn't going to stop it. Protests normally are designed to destroy the PR of organizations, reveal their evil sides, or show your displeasure. Bullying is already widely condemned, but the bullies don't care. It just wouldn't do much good. Of course, if you know who the bully is, you could always personally show the bully what you think.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Agree. Also: California Education Code Section 48900(r) allows for the suspension or recommended expulsion of a student engaged in an act of bullying. Your location probably has a similar code.
  23. As someone who always stuck up for people being bullied I like what you're doing. I don't understand why other people on here are against it. Honestly, maybe they were never bullied. I say you do it and if I were possible I would help you. But, Im in california.
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  24. Herro Member

    Um, I've been a drinkin so maybe I'm missing it but why are people crying CCHR here? I didn't see the OP saying anything about psychiatric drugs.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Stick up for bullied people - yes. Use the idea of Anonymous to strike back and assert some sense of identity against abuse - yes.
    Nobody will stop you if you are committed to the idea of Anonymous as 'legion', and if you are concerned with social justice in any way, you are in the right place. But you will never raise an army of complete strangers using the internet, unless you can pay for mercenaries that you will never trust.

    It would be great if the idea of Anonymous was as pervasive as it should be to champion the underdog, to rescue the vulnerable from being victims of those people who seek to exploit them. This is exactly why we protest $cientology.
  26. PresidentShaw Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    Because of the child-like anti-hate message.
    It's the sort of simple irrelevant concept that a clam would try to use in a laughable attempt to create some form of thought-paradox, allowing for false intervention of mind.

    It can be compared to the "why do you beat your wife" tech that the stupid $cientologists actually still think works.

    Outdated 1950's UFO cults rely upon the fears of the closed societies of the time.
    On the internet they are exposed as the ridiculously remedial bullying methods they really are.

    This is why it's funny to expose Hubbard nonsense at every opportunity. It simply doesn't work Herro. You should know that by now.
  28. Smurf Member

    You really do need to think more before you open your yap. CCHR International is reaching out to victims of bullying,
  29. grebe Member

    Probably the "zero tolerance against hatred" hit a nerve. The CCHR is forever calling anonymous a "hate group."

    To me "zero tolerance" sounds a lot like "hate," so clearly hate is sometimes justified.

    I can understand holding a rally to raise awareness of how bullying can drive some to desperate action. I wouldn't call it a protest though, because the target is not specific. Anyone can be tempted to bully, and everyone can be a victim of bullying.

    I also wouldn't wear masks. Masks get in the way of conversation. Plus they're hot and uncomfortable. Only wear a mask if you think you need to conceal your identity to protect yourself.
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  30. PresidentShaw Member

    So being against bullying automatically makes someone CCHR?

    You people need to get a life (and a job)
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Anyone else find op's request to be ironic given anonymous's past?
    just remember..... SwastiGET.PNG
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  32. Herro Member

    Oh I didn't know that CCHR owned the market on not liking bullying. Come on Smurf, that is weak- even for you.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    what she said

    "Zero Tolerance" is a cure worse than ALL those afflictions it offers to remedy.
    Worse than all of them combined.
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  34. PresidentShaw Member

    Once again, anonymous is not a cohesive group.

  35. Smurf Member

    Uhhh... what?? The point I was making is that the issue of bullying has become another theme CCHR is using to further the cult's agenda.
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  36. Smurf Member

    As usual, misrepresenting comments. Nothing escapes you, does it?
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Hi AnonShaw. I am Anonymous. I have problems with your posts.

    When you type - "you people" - it implies that you are somehow better bred and better informed, which is amusing.

    And "being against bullying" is not a political position. Some people deserve to be bullied. Bullies deserve to be bullied, for example.

    It's OK to bully some people, if they live to bully others.

    Anonymous protests $cientology because $cientologists bully people into giving up all their money and their emotions and their love.

    And Anonymous is winning because Anonymous is morally and physically superior, being both the bully and the defender of the bullied.

    Plus of course over 9000 percent of anti-$cientology activity is done purely for fun.
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  38. PresidentShaw Member

    It doesn't mean we should go around accusing every poster that brings up the subject of being CCHR
  39. Anonymous Member

    CCHR owns no market on anything at all.

    Anonymous has ensured that CCHR are not in a position to expand its activities in the Western world.

    I know there are potential marks in the poorer countries, but of course there is little money in that area.

    People are educated now, thanks to Anonymous the truth about CCHR is freely available online, and all true.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    It does if they register here less than two hours before requesting a personal army.
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