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  1. exOT8Michael Member


    An anon in another thread suggested a topic "Zingers" to post really good "one-liners" to say to Scilons to get them to actually think about how valid Scientology is, or not. This to sow seeds of doubt into the minds of the brainwashed culties.


    *(that is the exact Scilon word to use, as it means they are doing wrong things and not coming clean)

    They will probably stall or bluff, laugh it off or whatever, but the seed of doubt will be planted and every time they now are forced to come clean it will trigger the question you asked again.

    Let's keep posts here to short, snappy Zingers and rate them.
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  2. Anonyneko Member


    If your OT8's have gone through the rundowns and have super powers, why haven't they done away with the marcabian invaders?

    or alternatively

    If your OT8's have gone through the rundowns and have super powers, why hasn't David Miscavige made himself normal height?
  3. Re: ZINGERS

    Mmm... this is a really delicious sandwich...

    (inside joke)

    How is lying going to save the world?

    You're gonna smile if you know your religion is a scam.

    You're gonna smile if you lie

    You're gonna frown if you tell the truth

    (repeat those three, on camera, and then provoke bs. profit!)
  4. highoverlord Member


    rofl ot 8 powers ftw
  5. Re: ZINGERS

    How about: Come up to present time, apply an honest doubt formula to chanology?
  6. realscifag Member


    Most Scientologists are unaware or denying their lies, and they don't think that their religion is a scam. Most don't, anyway. I'd be surprised if those push anyone's buttons. :)
  7. Ten Tigers Member


    Is this what you got into Scientology to do? (to Bullbaiters, trolls, infiltrators, etc.)

    If you're so free, why is doubting a crime?

    If you're so free, why do you have to avoid contact with certain people?

    Have you ever seen anyone demonstrate OT powers?

    Why does "clearing the planet" sound so much like genocide?

    Would you like some caek?
  8. r3x Member


    "Show me a motherfuckin' clear."
  9. CantPickaName Member


    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone home?
  10. Re: ZINGERS

    Actually, this is an NLP trick. The unconscious mind is infinitely more clever than the conscious mind, and it doesn't care about any of its bullshit. So, said like this, a clever NLP artist can get the person to smile every time their unconscious mind knows they are lying, even when they are still denying it. When their own body refuses to fall in line, that will create some confusion.
  11. tazor Member


    Why do you accept squirrel tech from Davey?

    Why do OT's still get sick...and die?
  12. Obi-Wan-anon Member


    Still think a good one is: If Scientologists "come back", where is RLH?"


    "Are you really sure you want to work for DM for the next billion years?"
  13. Re: ZINGERS

    sign: GET free from OUT ethics NOW!

    How horrible would it be if some day in the future, after you died, you find out Scientology was a scam? That would suck, hadn't it?
  14. ancientone Member


    When you are using your telekinesis powers to move something does it matter how heavy the object is? Is that a magnet in your pocket?
  15. CantPickaName Member


    Hey if you guys wanna help can you please lower gas prices?
  16. TheUKRenegade Member


    Isn't there a small part of you that wishes you were us?

    How long can you keep this up for?

    Have you ever cheated the e-meter? How was that possible?

    If your so happy, why are you so sad?

    Will you ever get to the end?
  17. Daywatch Member



  18. Dubber Member


    "If the church cares about you rather than your money, try holding the money back sometime."
  19. Re: ZINGERS

    Money is not that important. So why are courses so expensive?
    If OT was real, COS could produce gold from air. Why do courses cost?
  20. voiceless849 Member


    For some reason, this thread leaves me feeling a bit conflicted today.

    We'd all like some "silver bullet" - something we say that is so clean, so logical, and so difficult to deny, that merely uttering it will cause any Scilon to break down, cry, and admit that they were wrong all along. But there aren't any "silver bullets".

    A Scilon has been carefully conditioned to accept only a particular flavor of communication, and reject all others: You are not a Scilon, therefore, you are an inferior "wog". You couldn't possibly know what they know, and most assuredly, you don't. Since you are only slightly more intelligent than Sphagnum Moss, the best that can be done is to put up with you as long as it takes to get down to some real work. You are Homo Sapiens, they are Homo Novis.

    Nonetheless, some questions can linger, if presented right. Hint: if you are having LULz delivering the message, you probably aren't presenting it right. Yelling these questions across a street is probably not going to get far. To accept your communication, you have to get past the confrontational and start talking with them directly, and openly. They have to trust you. That's just not likely when you are wearing a mask.

    It took me YEARS to really grasp that the fault lied with them, not me. Even recently, as anonymous began project Chanology, there was still plenty of pain and grief, rage, and fear, as well as a continuing lingering doubt that maybe it really was me, after all. At the first protest I attended in March, I was very thankful for the mask - it hid my tears as I faced down my Scientology demons! Maybe I'm just dense, or stubborn. I'm pretty sure I'm not dumb.


    So their stats are down, their PR is in the crapper, it's now OK for ex-scilons to speak out, and an entire generation of youth from around the world have now been informed: "here lies danger!". Unless you've been on the other side, terrified of the repercussions of merely admitting publicly that you don't buy it, unless you've wondered what friends you'd never be able to talk to again, unless you've wondered at what point they'd simply start "coming after you", YOU HAVE NO IDEA JUST HOW F!@KING HUGE A DEAL THIS IS.

    Nonetheless, there may be Scilons that have started to question. At which point, "Zingers" may not fall on deaf ears. Here are a few that might have gotten to me back when I was a Scilon.

    If you truly believe in open communication, why won't you talk to me?

    If Scientology's ethics technology is so effective, why are so many Scientologists found to be out ethics?

    I only question your ideas. If that makes me suppressive, how come you can't shatter me or my suppression? Who can?

    How could you go about proving any of the gains you get in Scientology?

    At what point on the bridge do you get powerful enough to search your own religion on the Internet?

    How do you know truth? If what's true for you isn't true for me, who's right? Why?

    Why is it that simply knowing somebody who doubts your religion is enough to make it all stop working?

    (to staff) If you have "the tech" for all organizations, why is being on staff so hard, and why is the pay so lousy?

    Post these on BIG SIGNS.
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  21. goldenrodanon Member


    "Where did LRH say to buy all these big, expensive buildings when there is no staff and public to use them?"

    "How many times are you going to have to hear Miscavige say he's now matched the tech to LRH originals, and it's now 100% standard?"

    "How does the heavy regging fit with LRH basics of exchange and self determinism?"

    "Why was all mention of LRH's wife and co-researcher, Mary Sue Hubbard, dropped from all publications, and not so much as a word when she passed away in 2002?"

    "How do you explain the fact that LRH's body had a psyche drug and about a dozen injection sites at the time of his death, and how does this fit with Miscaviges description of he final departure?"

    "If LRH left a complete bridge behind, why did NOTS have to be rewritten 3 times at least after his death?"

    "If Scientology is for the able, so they can help other able people become even more able, how do you explain staff and especially Sea Org Crew?"

    "Are the flows from management what you'd call "theta"?"

    "If the why opens the door to a handling towards the ideal scene, and senior management is required to do the data series evaluators course, how do you explain the downstat condition of the Orgs and church in general?"

    "Does it seem right to you that it always seems it's about money?"

    "Why if the policy on disconnection was cancelled in 1968, does it still go on every day, all throughout the scientology world?"

    "Does everyone you've seen declared suppressive actually deserve that assignment?"

    "If you've read Dianetics, can you give one example of a clear that can stack up to LRH's description of a clear, almost 60 years later, even though LRH and miscavige claimed to have made improvements over all the intervening years?"

    ZINGER amidoinitrite?
  22. ancientone Member


    I thought about this question a bit more and thought that in order for it to be effective you would have to have it make sense to a scilon on any level. I remember one of the first books I was sold (this was the 1st day I walked in) told all about "assists". I don't remember all of it but it basically claimed that if you used the tech correctly you could heal someone just by hovering your hands over them and visualizing them healing. Well to any normal person this would just scream of BS. If someone could actually do this then we would not need doctors. So if your gonna make a one liner maybe it should be about assists. So maybe ask them for an assist and ask why does it fail to work. Or why can't you "assist yourself" I don't know maybe someone that understands this better can make up a better line.
  23. Daywatch Member


    how about...
  24. WBMBacker Member


    How about:

    `If scientology works, why isn't Paul Fetch fixed?

    (MODS: Yeah yeah... I know.. off to the dome wid me. ARrrrghh!!!)

  25. Ten Tigers Member


    If a scientologist hears OTIII before they are ready, they will get pneumonia and die, according to L. Ron Hubbard. Why couldn't they just get another scientologist to give them a touch assist and then be healed of that icky pneumonia and dying stuff?
  26. CantPickaName Member


    And a whole hotel full of scilons could not "assist" Lisa McPherson back to health
  27. Re: ZINGERS

    Ones that might have worked on me when I was in (as a staff member)...

    "Have you ever done a doubt formula on Scientology? Where did you find the stats of scientology?"

    "Unflat Doubt on Scn?" - as a sign

    "Have you REALLY done Doubt, step 1?"

    "Was Ron really a war hero/nuclear physicist/doctor?"

    "History of Man/OTIII - Your case or Ron's eval?"

    "Got Stable Gains?"
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  28. exOT8Michael Member


    Wow, yes these are Zingers with some OT powerz.
  29. exOT8Michael Member


    There's some real humdinger zingers in this thread.
  30. coldgoin Member


    Here is a "zinger" for people who believe in progress:

    "Civilization is a pyramid scheme."

    If this doesn't affect you, then you understand how a Scientologist feels about the zingers in this thread.

    The best you can do for a victim of Scientology is to show compassion. Show them how the real world is more humane. This requires patience and unfortunately, isn't very funny.
  31. Hatonymous Member


    Hmm, I remember something Magoo said about calmly repeating "Do birds fly?" over and over again because it was in some training video, and then declaring "Flunk!" when the scilon starts to twitch. However, I think that's mostly going to piss them off as compared to making wake up and smell the sewage.
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  32. Magoo Member


    Hey, that isn't for picketing---that I DID with a guy, on their Communications Course.

    Ok, good ones. How about:

    If you are FREE, why can't you talk to me?

    If the Data Evaluation Course Worked should be able to
    figure out the "Why" of Anonymous, shouldn't you? (meaning
    who is in charge, what to do to get rid of them, etc)

    Did you *honestly* think when you joined Scientology
    that you'd be out handing out fliers to people who couldn't care less?

    Is this why you joined Scientology?

    Since when did "Truth" have one side?

    If your Communications Course really worked,
    you'd be able to communicate with the X-Scientologists.

    You can't hear me, can you? FLUNK! YOUR TRO is OUT.

    Communication is the Universal Solvent, LRH said.
    Why can't ANY of your "Church" communicate?

    There are tons, but there truly isn't any one line that does it.
    Keep in mind, as much as what you say is important, it's also
    HOW you say it that's key, too. Think of music. Bad music
    you crunch up hearing, don't you? Excellent music opens most
    people right up. Play like a beautiful musician, and perhaps they'll hear,
    even if you can't see it now.

    Good luck :alien:

  33. Re: ZINGERS

    The quality of your communication is the response you get.
  34. AnonySkull Member


    ^^THIS! the type of stuff that makes em think about what a knob they've been to the general public and to each other.

    also, i usually use the tone scale,

    "i would prefer a little less of tone 2.4 & 1.0 from you right now, and more of 2.8
    . cuz your making me very 2.5...." (see tone scale)
  35. basil Member


    "Scientology is Tone -40", you know you can't -30 forever" (fail, can't hide)

    Interesting quote on that page too.

    ""There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale, neither of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts. The first is to raise them on the Tone Scale by unenturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes. The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow."

    So Scientology advocates murder of SP's?

    Maybe someone can help me with this one - I can't find the proper quotes and sources.

    In the "R6 implant" it says that all religions are fake implants.
    Yet Scientology calls itself a 'religion'.
    Make your mind up guys?
  36. mko Member


    TR3: one of our guys used it on a sciop the other day downtown and really enturbulated him.
  37. Daywatch Member


    point behind them and shout


    then say FLUNK

    ( disclaimer: I'm not being serious )
  38. CantPickaName Member


    In one of Bob Mintons Vids he is being handled by 2 bullbaiters...Bob points and says "hey look its xenu!!!" One of the scilons looks quickly....LOL
  39. Spork Member


    If Scientology is so workable, why are there so many incorrect applications of it?
  40. exOT8Michael Member


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