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Discussion in 'Anonymous gegen Scientology' started by hastaluego, Aug 10, 2009.

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    Hey, this is indeed a really really great article. One of the most informative ones i've read in the last months and with an clear position. Great job Anons, great job swiss press.
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    ?Anonymous? demonstrierte in Luzern | znews - news aus der zentralschweiz
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    Rough translation:

    Wherever Scientology build a stand, they are not far away: "Anonymous" demonstrated on Saturday under the pouring rain against the Scientology organization, which in Lucerne with two tents have been present.

    Saturday afternoon in Lucerne: At Hertenstein Street near the St. Matthew Church, a group of people disguised with masks stands and distributed flyers. Some of them hold banners that read: "Beware of Scientology", others distribute leaflets which detail why they warn for Scientology.

    These and similar protests can be found regularly worldwide since February 2008. At the time, a video appeared on the Internet that showed the actor Tom Cruise professing fanatical support for Scientology. Beacuse the rhetoric of the Hollywood idol reminds of a propaganda chief, Scientology wanted to censor the video and remove it from the Internet.

    "Anonymous" was based on an internet forum and a little later the Scientology website was ddossed. However, the group has ever since abstained from such illegal actions. On raid-days, which also take place around the world, Anonymous meets and protests - either directly in front of the headquarters of Scientology, or at their booths. The people are masked pursuant to their own protection. Scientology critics would be in social, political and financial risks if they do it openly. In addition, it also seems a certain element of fun to be there.

    In Lucerne, there was the protest on Saturday for the second time. It was directed against the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) that was founded in 1969 in the United States. Founders were the Scientology organization, and Thomas Szasz, a critic of psychiatric coercive treatment. Ursula Caberta, head of the Scientology-critical Hamburger Working Scientology, called the club in October 2002, a "radical arm of Scientology, which ostensibly denounces abuses in psychiatry but on the back tries to recruit people." Also Ktipp magazine wrote in the year 2006: "Behind CCHR is the Scientology psycho-cult that calls itself a church." The German Scientology critic Ingo Heinemann says: "Citizens Commission (CCHR) is used as a Scientology Front. Their goal is to abolish psychiatry and Scientology in itself has an alternative to offer."

    In Germany, Scientology and their related organizations in some states are observed by the Verfassungsschutz. In Berlin a few days ago was made known that the "Commission for infringements of Psychiatry against Human Rights (KVPM, Switzerland CCHR)" targeted schools. The organization wanted to tell: "How many students suffer from reading-disabilites? How many children show problematic behavior? How many school psychologists are there?" So far no school has such data. Thomas Gandow, commissioner for cults and belief questions in Berlin-Brandenburg, is not surprised about the campaign. Already in April Gandow had been sent e-mails with the questionnaire given by worried school leaders. "Data gathering is typical of Scientology," said Gandow to the Berlin Tagesspiegel. According to Kenneth Frisse, the Speaker of the Senate Education Administration, schools are made aware. He explicitly warns against further initiatives such as "Say no to drugs, say yes to life" or "Applied Scholastics". Under the guise of anti-drug campaigns Scientology would be urged to schools. Scientology and CCHR deny the allegations.

    The rally from Saturday in Lucerne proceeded peacefully. The Lucerne police only showed up briefly. CCHR employees had complained with the police that protestors would have them gerempelt (don 't know this word, and won't bother to find out, translator). The Anonymous group who had beforehand reported their identities to the police, denied the allegations. From CCHR or Scientology, that this Saturday recruited with a giant tent at the station, there has been no comments.
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    Barging, jostling.
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